Some stories just HAVE to be told. Just over two months ago I embarked on a ‘fit camp’ with the ‘dreaded Mia’. Now Mia isn’t someone to be ‘dreaded’ but she did instill a sense of ‘dread’ in me on certain mornings (actually every morning, but that’s neither here nor there!). I still think it’s possibly a mid-life crisis I’m experiencing but it’s definitely a good crisis! Well the toned arms and the increase in personal fitness tells me such anyhow! Thanks Mia!
Rising at 5.45am three mornings a week isn’t easy for anyone, and especially not when you’re 40+. But over 6 weeks and 18 mornings, I successfully did so! As did Mia. But it was only over 6 weeks for me. For Mia, it has been ongoing for 18 months. Praise where praise is due. And I’m not forward in coming forward in forwarding praise her way on a regular basis….so this is forward in forwarding praise!!!!
She pushed me to the limit, and is continuing to do so. She knocked me down, she pulled me up; she instilled the belief that ‘all pain is good pain’; she showed me muscles I never knew I had; she showed me limits I never thought possible; she knocked me sideways; she pulled me upwards; she tilted me this way; she tilted me that way; and then she introduced me to the crazy Bendy Aunty Fran who pulled me all bloody ways!A girl doing yoga
And then she slept in! She missed her alarm! She even admits to having the phone beside her…now I’m just wondering was Sean beside her? Hmmmmmm….maybe we’re best NOT knowing.Mia 1
But either way, the extraordinary human being that is Mia has just proved that she is normal. Thank heavens for such. And how coincidental that as the ‘dreaded Mia’ slept through her alarm for the first time, I was witnessing a crazy thunderstorm in Dublin…6.30am it was mad weather in Dublin…and in Derry Mia was sleeping through her alarm…were the God’s telling me something….definitely…Mia is normal they said. Relax craicon Muff, all will be well. The force will be with her. Mia shall return….and the force shall be stronger. Oh heck, I’m dreading next week already…oh dear…oh dear…:)
Fit camp 2