Lighthouse Swim

Moville Lighthouse Swim 2014 is all set for this Saturday!

The 30 plus swimmers will Meet at Moville Pier, Quay Street, Moville – 11:30 Sat
19th July 2014 for a Safety Briefing. A roll call will be held and only those present for the Safety Briefing will be permitted to undertake the swim.

Expected start time of the swim will be 12:00-12:30, but as the ‘swim
window’ is dependent on tide/river interaction on the day, this may
vary by /- 20 mins. Weather forecast is 21 deg Celsius with light cloud with
occasional sunny intervals, so all looking good for the swim to proceed as

Have a safe trip to Moville this weekend, and looking forward to seeing both Swimmers and Supporters at Moville Pier & out on the water on Saturday….

Best regards, Peadar
[email protected]