A well known local family headed off to Birmingham last weekend to celebrate a ‘family wedding’. Young and old, they all boarded a big ‘red’ bus on Saturday and travelled to the wedding in style!!!
Apparently the day went swimmingly and a good time was had by all. But one local man was found wandering the corridors of the hotel late at night! Maybe he lost his glasses, or maybe he had too many ‘glasses’, but either way, he was seeking his room, but alas, to no avail.Thomas corridor
Now, most bride and grooms take pride in their wedding night and lock the door. No one allowed enter would be the norm. But not this bride and groom. This newly married couple took pity on the poor man and allowed him to share the ‘honeymoon suite’ for the night.bride and groom
I felt sorry for the said man when I heard of this trouble. Surely someone knew where his room was. But then it was revealed that he had NO room. Heck, why book a standard room when you can get the honeymoon suite for free!
One just never knows who one will meat/meet on a lonely Birmingham hotel corridor late at night!