You just never know who you’re going to bump into on a Saturday afternoon stroll in town. Last week I was bumping into Bryan Adams, Sinead O’Connor, David Gray etc, but today it was none other than ‘Grandma Mc’! Now I’m not sure if this Grandma goes by ‘Granny’, ‘Nana’, or ‘Grandma’ but I think the latter is possible!
One would expect Granny to be going to bingo on a Saturday afternoon, but not this one! If she’s not home knitting for Ireland and Baby H, she’s taking Baby H, to town to no doubt spoil him even more.granny, 2
The said Baby H, has more knitted hats than all the babies in Ireland put together. I’m sure that not only does he have one for every day, but one for every hour!granny knitting
The knitting has gone so crazy that we might just be getting our meat in little knitted bags soon! Jez, can’t wait to see who I’ll be meeting next week!