A breakaway Sinn Fein group has condemned the Red Arrows display at the start of the Clipper Race in Greencastle last weekend.

A statement from Republican Sinn Féin Poblachtach said, “The recent display by the Royal Air Force’s Red Arrows Aerobatic Team over the skies of Donegal is further proof, if proof is needed of the growing collaborative nature of the status quo in Ireland. Donegal County Council had ratified the decision to allow the RAF’s Red Arrows fly in Donegal along with Derry City Council and Limavady Borough Council, a decision which was lauded as a huge tourism boost for the region.”

“We of Republican Sinn Féin want to put on public record exactly what this is. The Red Arrows are part and parcel of the British military, an Aerobatic team drawn from the Royal Air Force which has partaken in many of Britain’s imperial wars of conquest from 1918 to present times.”

“The people of Greencastle, County Donegal were witness to a display of Red, White and Blue smoke searing across the skies of Donegal. These colours represent one thing and one thing only, the colours of occupation, representative of the Union Jack and its political establishment headed by Queen Elizabeth and currently maintaining a military occupation of the Irish counties; Derry, Tyrone, Down, Fermanagh, Armagh and Antrim.”

“We condemn outright this further act of blatant collaboration with an imperial force of occupation in our country and call on the Irish people to rally behind the republican movement in defence of Ireland’s national sovereignty and integrity.”

Republican Sinn Féin Poblachtach are not to be confused with the main Sinn Fein from whom they broke away in 1969. As we all know, Martin McGuinness met the Queen recently.