Red Arrows

The Red Arrows put up a fantastic display in Greencastle & Moville today and further away than as they that as they roamed the countryside.

It was fantastic watching it from the pier in Moville so it must have been really great in Greencastle. They looped the loop and tore across the sky, seeming almost to rip it apart.

We were all watching for them to arrive in Greencastle when someone shouted “There they are”.


They were coming up the Foyle from a Derry direction. You saw them first and then you heard them a few seconds later.

They did all sorts of tricks. At one point it looked like a firework display as they headed upwards in the sky trailing coloured smoke.

I wish I had gone to Greencastle now. I reckoned we could see most of it from Moville and we could also see the yachts go past from our vantage point on the River Row.

Both of those are true but to get the full effect and to hear the full earth shattering noise from the jets you would have had to go to Greencastle.

Great Day

There must be a bumper crowd there today – and what a great day they got for it. The tills will be ringing for quite a few hours more. It’s almost like another Greencastle Regatta for them and it will provide a huge boost to Greencastle businesses.

There’s a Moville Regatta and a Greencastle Regatta. I wonder if there is a Derry Regatta.

All I could find on the subject when I googled it was “In the 1900’s through to about 1950 there was an annual City Of Derry Regatta involving the Lough Foyle Punt Races with 1000’s of people lining the city quays to watch the races.”

It looks like it was discontinued although there was a mini one for the City of Culture last year. Perhaps Greencastle could offer to run one for them and provide the waters for it.

That would be something.