It’s already begun. The clippers have already started from Derry at 12 noon with a Clipper Yacht Farewell Parade. Soon we will see them come past Moville.

The warship that was moored at Derry for the event has already gone past our back garden on the way to Greencastle. The yachts should be coming soon.

A good place to spot them come past might be the recently re-opened Putting Green Cafe. Then you can make your way to Greencastle for the Red Arrows Display (perhaps following the boats along the  shore path) which takes place at Greencastle and Magilligan at 2:45pm.

Then you can see the start of the big race at 3:45pm I’m told.

It’s a glorious sunny day they’ve got for it. There should be a big crowd at Greencastle. It may be bigger than last year as Derry folk cannot see the start of the race from the big screen in the square this year and they won’t see the Red Arrows display unless they come north to Greencastle.

It should be a great day in glorious sunshine. Book you taxi early to make sure of getting there.