Just over six weeks ago I posted a piece on craicon about ‘getting fit at 40+ with Mia’. This blog was to ensure that I carried through the decision I’d made to embark on a 6 week fit camp with Maria McColgan (aka Mia Fun Fitness). I committed myself to 3 early mornings a week for the six weeks, to do one hour of fitness with Mia. I decided to blog about my experience in order to motivate me to continue with it and see it through to the end.
On that first posting I genuinely never expected myself to attend all 18 sessions. But the blog become so popular that I felt my not attending would make me look a failure, and no one wants to fail. Between the blog writing, Mia’s motivating ways, and my new found determination, I succeeded in what I set out to do. Not only did I succeed in completing all sessions of the camp, but I succeeded in getting fit…I succeeded in making new friends…I succeeded in enjoying the routine…and I succeeded in finding a new belief in myself.fit 1
The ‘fit camp’ was compiled of a group of ladies ranging in age from mid teens to 50+. No one was fit perfect. No one was body perfect. No one was better than the other. And no one wanted to be better than the other. Together these ladies worked, toiled, sweated, groaned and laughed! And together they/we got fit!
Just over half way through the ‘fit camp’, Mia introduced us to her Aunty Fran (now known as Bendy Aunty Fran) and her ‘yoga’ class. I’d often thought about trying a yoga class…I envisaged it as a relaxing form of exercise and indeed I actually believed it to be an easy way of exercise. I couldn’t have been further from the truth. Yoga is an extreme form of stretching and bending and although very tough, it is extremely rewarding. With yoga, one learns how to strengthen, tone and relax your body whilst quietening your mind. It was everything I never expected it to be. Fran proved to be a great teacher and leader, and like Mia, has taught me so much. fit 2 yoga
During the early mornings with Mia (often referred to as the ‘dreaded Mia’) I was introduced to ‘squatting, press ups, burpees, putting my body in the most unflattering positions and so very much more’. There was ‘hill sprints, there was tyre throwing, cone tossing, cone turning, and even more’. But above all there was a real team feeling among the ladies involved. There was much laughter….lots of banter…lots of friendly encouragement…and there was always Mia’s inspiring (sometimes dreaded) words of, ‘its good pain’! And there was that dreaded alarm which meant our minute’s rest was over. Oh how I hated that alarm!
Sometimes it was tough getting out of bed just after 5.30am, but always by 7.15am one was so glad of rising, and a real sense of well being followed throughout each day.fit 3, waking
Bendy Aunty Fran’s class was much the same. It was so tough to begin with, and even now, but the benefits so outweighed the negative thoughts I/we might have had.
Both of these ladies are experts at what they do. I’m sure I speak for all the ladies when I say that they were inspirational every step of the way.
Embarking on this challenge was to prove a point to myself…that I could get fit at 40+! Did it work? YES. In more ways than one! Not only have I managed to get myself fit, but I’m also now preparing to run a 10k at the end of July. And would I ever do another ‘fit camp’? I’ll be starting the next in just over one week’s time. Mia isn’t getting rid of me that easy.
But for now, the blog is done. It’s been read so very widely and many thanks to all who’ve followed it. No doubt over coming weeks, a wee review of Mia and Fran will be appearing spontaneously. Thanks ladies for everything over the past 6 weeks. And here’s to many more fun experiences with you both! fit 4