The day I thought would never come. The day I’ve waited patiently for over the past 6 weeks. And it was the day I got blindfolded whilst getting fit!!fit, blindfolded
It was near the end of the class this morning with Bendy Aunty Fran and as we lay down for our relaxation, eyes closed, all quiet, she comes and blindfolds me. I hear little rattles, and think, ‘heck she’s robbing us!’ Could this be real. Have I got the lady so wrong? Of course I have! She’d never do anything to hurt us! Except push us to the limits of stretching and pain thresholds! It turned out to be more relaxation. Phew!
But before all this there was the now painful stretching, groaning and deep breathing….all in a good cause of course. But today there was some new stretches. From moving our buttocks and brain last week, today we were in a dog peeing stance! Attractive we were definitely not!fit, dog pee
And then there was the pigeon stretch. I thought at one stage I and the others were going to take flight! I’m certain that if we held this pose for longer we could save a fortune on air fares!fit, pigoen
From one stretch to the next, I really thought my wee body was going in different directions. And if Bendy Aunty Fran had her way, my wee body would be doing just that! There was high poses, there was low poses…there was successful poses and there was failure. fit, yoga stretches!
But amidst it all, there was fun. It’s a class I’ve longed to take for some time, and these past few weeks have been a real lesson. Every minute was enjoyed, and here’s to more of those crazy stretches with Bendy Aunty Fran very soon.