And it was penultimate day at ‘fit camp’ this morning. Just one more day and the six week camp is complete! Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun! Fun? This morning was a series of calamities, dance and more calamities! From hula hoop mix ups, to dance mix ups, Ab Fab Gwyn had it all going on!fit, hula hoop crisps
On Monday morning our Gwyn told us how great hula hoops were for the abs. So of course our diet changed in the last 48 hours. Everyone liked their different flavours but we all ate hula hoops like mad. Taste great too. This diet I was enjoying! Until 6.15am this morning that is. In we go and there’s Ab Fab Gwyn with the hula hoops awaiting! Not the eating kind at all. More the circus kind! There were hoops of all colours and sizes, and even weights! Looks like we’re gonna need to work these hoops extra hard for misinterpreting the hula hoops advice on Monday. The abs certainly weren’t benefiting from our hoop diet. But maybe now! The hoops were a flying…they were a swinging…they were a crashing. They were every flipping thing but the right one! Who said the ‘rhythm method’ was best….tried and tested this morning, and every rhythm is definitely different. fit, hula hoop!
And then there was hooping of a different kind indeed. We could give the legendary Patrick Swayze (rip) a run for his money. The hips were a swaying, the body was a rolling…all to the beat of ‘Do you Love me’ you love me…do you love me…Liberties dance floor won’t know what’s hit it when this gang of ladies hit it one weekend soon. Maybe we’ll take the hoops with us!! Mrs Mc might even jump through one or two!fit dirty dancing
Not only is Mrs Mc planning on hooping the night away at Liberties, she’s now training folk in the use of the hoop and it will all be displayed on a float at the opening of Muff Festival 2014! The Good Lord may intercede and save us all!!
So for now, it’s less than 48 hours till fit camp is complete. It’s all down to Bendy Aunty Fran on Friday morning. And no doubt she will deliver….Friday wine aerobics….fit, wine aerobics
Cheers Ab Fab Gwyn for a great two days. It was fun and it was memorable.