So the dreaded ‘Mia’ is in the US, working apparently! We’ll never know the truth!! In her absence and on our last week of ‘fit camp’ we were introduced to our new instructor, Ab Fab Gwyn! Gwyn appears to be a lovely lady, but we hear there’s similar blood to Mia’s running through those veins so we’ll beware for now! However, so far so good!
Ab Fab Gwyn introduced us to a completely different set of fitness techniques this morning. In fact, I believe Mrs Mc is organising a bus for us to travel to Liberty’s niteclub in Buncrana this coming weekend. Such are the ‘dance moves’ we now know! We’ll be punching and kicking and rocking that dance floor before you know it!fit, liberty's
We learned all about our ‘lower abs’, our ‘middle abs’ and our ‘upper abs’ and Ab Fab Gwyn assured us that we’d have six packs like her when we awake in the morning. And if they’re not there, then she better beware on Wednesday morning. But we trust her…don’t we?fit, abs
I’m sure the other ladies like myself are snacking on ‘hula hoops’ today! Ab Fab Gwyn advised us to use ‘hula hoops’ as they’re great for the ‘abs’. So it’s hula hoops for breakfast, dinner and supper today! BBQ beef flavoured! fit, hula hoops
So as the saying goes, when the cat’s away, the mice will play! One of the fit camp mice certainly played today. She decided to take a little ‘lie in’ and turned up ‘fashionably late’….thinking no one would notice!! That’s 2 minutes added on to your next run lady! We DID notice!fit, late
So it’s the last week of fit camp. Who’d have thought we’d ever get here….NOT ME, that’s for sure! So it’s just 2 more classes and fit camp will be complete…now why am I feeling a little sad…wipes tear….yah, it’s nearly over! Yah!!! Or is it?