This post might be a few hours late, but it will still allow all and sundry to wish the local man who is loved by one and all a very very happy birthday. Golly G, Shaun Gallagher celebrated his birthday yesterday (sat) and continues his celebrations into the wee hours. Shaun turned 21+ yesterday and is a living legend in the village of Muff. Not only is he a postman, he is one of the most talented musicians to ever come out of the area…one of the most gifted singers I know….someone who my kids, and all the local children look up to..admire….someone who everyone in the locality and beyond respect with every bone in their body….someone who deserves the respect of the entire community and beyond. The local soccer club, QPS, would be lost without the support of the G Man. The local bar, (the Pig), would be a different place without the G Man. Muff would be a different village without the G Man. The G Man is such a large part of the whole community. So no one deserves a great birthday as much as the G Man. Golly G
The G man is preparing for a big birthday NEXT year!! Maybe it’s his 30th…or his 40th….hmm…. Enjoy this one Shaun..and here’s to many more celebrations very soon 🙂