The Yetis

The Insihowen Vintage Show was a huge success this year and that was in no small measure to the Yetis from Moville. They had big headline acts in previous years but this time they thought they would try The Yetis as they always draw a crowd.

Would they do it in a bigger arena rather than in a pub? They certainly could. They packed out the place. One person told me it was so packed she couldn’t even see the Yetis.

The previous night the act had done quite well. I heard variously that here were 200 and 350 people there. Take your pick.

However, I was told that there the marquee was completely packed out for The Yetis and that there were around 600 people there.

So, in the past year The Yetis played for Enda Kenny and now in a marquee at the Inishowen Vintage Show. They showed that they could take the step up. The world is their oyster.