I must admit to feeling just a tad proud today. I’ve completed 5 full weeks of ‘fit camp’ with only one week to go! At approximately 6.10am this morning I left home with my ‘blankie’ in hand for my last fit camp class of the week. As I knew it was a ‘yoga’ class, I had of course the ‘blankie’ ready. Last week was my first ever yoga class and I had absolutely NO idea what to expect. Today was a little different. I knew that ‘Bendy Aunty Fran’ would be there with her mats, her blocks, her belts and her ‘triple jointed’ body! Last week the class ended with a delightful wee lie down under our blankie. So today I felt a little bit like Baby Bop going off to be comforted by Barney! Sometimes I get things soooo wrong!Fit, baby bop, barney
As I was driving to camp, I was humming Barney’s ‘I love you…you love me…etc’ expecting Bendy Aunty Fran to show us some love as it’s Friday once more. Ha…instead it was this stretch and that stretch, and this bend and that bend…’G…put your feet further apart’….’G spread your legs a little more’….’G stretch the arm some more’….jee whizz me wee body was ready to break! And then I was in some pose where my feet and hands were on the ground and suddenly there was Bendy Aunty Fran bent over me against my back…seriously I’m convinced this lady has NO skeleton! Clearly as my ship didn’t sail last week, she was making sure it sailed this week! If she’s not triple jointed, she’s definitely skeletonless! Someone should request an xray of the woman!fit, yoga skeleton
Last week my buttocks moved…today they did so also…as did my brain! Yes, Bendy Aunty Fran told us to move our brain to the back of our head…so we did! Well, we told her we did anyways!
And after numerous stretches, bending, sweating and more, Bendy Aunty Fran became my best friend…she allowed me to lay down, and covered me with my blankie..bliss! She has a heart…well we’ll know more when the xray is done!
In fairness, I did feel extremely good after the mornings class, so Bendy Aunty Fran is doing something right…well she’s making me do something right, so I’m sure she won’t deny me a wee glass of vino tonight. Just to loosen up those taught joints! Namaste Bendy Aunty Fran and maybe next Friday you’ll host a ‘wine yoga’ class. It is the last of the 6 week classes after all, and celebration will surely be at the fore!fit, wine
Now, Mia can’t be left out in all this yoga malarky. She does her bit too, and even finds the odd stretch iffy! Phew, she’s normal (the odd time). Mia is leaving us for a week this weekend so she’s entrusted our good selves to another fitness friend. God help the friend! But for now, safe travelling Mia and good luck next week. Don’t worry about us…I promise that Mrs Mc and myself will take care of one and all…we won’t lay around or mess the new gal about…promise..yeah, right!fit, good luck