So it was hump day again as we all arose at dawn for Fit Camp. You’d think we’d be used to it by now…but never! So I trudged along this morning to the usual spot for camp and as I approached I noticed a jeep with its ‘hazard’ lights on. I did think it looked like Mia’s wheels so I’d assumed she was having roadside hazard lights
I then noticed some of the ladies from Fit Camp alongside Mia nearby, so I proceeded to the usual parking spot and walked back…to offer my assistance of course. Boy, was I sorry! The hazard lights were an indication for oncoming traffic that people were using the road…or rather the HILL for exercise. This was the day I’d dreaded and she didn’t even have the manners to prepare me. It was HILL SPRINTS day! Nooooooo….Yesss!
I began to imagine us gliding gracefully up the hill! My imagination is growing immensely since forming this stand offish relationship with Mia!fit hill sprint
But all ideals of ‘grace’ quickly went out the window!! It was puffing and panting like nothing ordinary…and it wasn’t even one sprint up Ardmore bray…it was 8 sprints up and down…that hill is even longer than one could ever imagine! At times I swear it moved. There was sore heads…there was light heads..there was heavy heads…and there was Mia’s smiling flipping head!!
And if that wasn’t enough for hump day, it was ‘press ups’ against the fence, planking on the kerb…and squatting along the roadside. Mrs Lindsay and Mrs McCallion sure went into work with a smile on their faces today, having driven past us in our state of sweat!fit press ups
Normal roadside things such as fences, kerbs, gates, poles are all now an exercise curb! Nothing escapes the dreaded Mia. A Sunday drive will never be the same again. I’ll be stopping and starting to squat, plank, stretch etc at each gate, kerb etc from now on….yeah, right!
Bendy Aunty Fran, please be nice on Friday! All’s forgiven from last week!