One expects to get good quality and quantity of meat when one visits the butchers. Doesn’t one? The meat isn’t the problem here however! So far, I can’t complain about it! So far…..
However, apparently the butcher and the boilerman went out cycling yesterday. I’ve met these two on their cycles on occasion before. And it wasn’t on their bikes, I met them either……it was on a high stool by the bar, sipping a pint of guinness! So when I heard that the boilerman wasn’t happy with the snacks they were fuelling on yesterday, I wondered where they got a bad pint! But no, it had nothing to do with a bad pint. The two clowns decided to go a proper cycle (minus a pub stop), so the boilerman asked the butcher to bring along appropriate snacks for the trip. The boilerman’s wife had cleaned the cupboards again and the food was scarce (This has happened before in the same house)!! The butcher obliged and provided quality bananas for the journey. Perfect food for exercising. Perfect if there’s any substance to them. These were just a tad small bananas. Butcher bananas
So if you’re fool enough to believe that these two ever planned a proper cycle, think again. This snack would have kept them going to Mary Deeney’s at most. I bet the pint they had after had a little more substance than the bananas! And as for buying bananas at the local butchers, I think not!