The weeks are flying by…and the days to go are coming down. Only 5 left and the Fit Camp is complete! Phew. This morning the sun was shining in the window at 5.45 and the sky was blue. For a split moment I thought I was lying in Maspalomas. But reality hit, and I heard the cries of the wicked Mia. She was waiting. I jumped and managed to get ready. I hoped and prayed on the way over that she’d be kind. I should’ve just kept on praying!
She (the dreaded Mia) inflicted the ‘fitness test’ on us at 6.15am. If that’s not just plain cruel, I don’t know what is. So it was squatting (not any old squats, but power bloody squats), burpees and all those other crazy moves that makes me feel like death is fast approaching! Mind you some friendly banter made the survival that little bit easier!
If anyone thinks that we ladies know nothing about the current world cup, you’re far wrong. The world cup got it’s weekend post-mortem this morning. And strangely enough Messi got a few mentions. Perhaps it’s his football skills we like….and then again maybe it’s something else!fit world cup
The test just kept on going. It seemed to be never ending. Or maybe the weekend’s antics were taking their toll on me. I was really starting to think that maybe I should start my weekend all over again. fit weekend
And when we’d finally completed the test, (which felt like 2 hours later), Mia decides to play a game of ‘leap frog’. As a child I recall this being a game of fun. ‘A game’? Not any more! Leap Frog has taken on a whole new meaning. Whoever invented planking must be related to our Mia. Take her back whoever you are. We’ve had enough. fit frog
From tyre throwing eejits, to bendy aunty Fran’s stretching, we’re now planking frogs. Oh girls, we’ve come a long way! Where ever will we end up? I dread to think. But no doubt Wednesday we’ll travel yet another route. I fancy a snail’s pace!