Day 12 and week 4 is complete. I must admit that just over 4 weeks ago, I’d never have believed that I’d really attend every session of this ‘camp’ to date. My intentions were good, but I really doubted my motivation and application. I’m continually surprising myself and feeling very proud having completed this full month of ‘fit camp’.
This morning was a little slow in getting started…thanks of course to the wicked Mia’s late arrival. There we all were lined up in the cars, with locked gates. Mrs Mc did offer to take the class and tried her ‘magical’ ‘bedazzled’ ‘bewitched’ trick of twitching her nose to open the gate…it failed miserably!!fit, bewitched
Mia did arrive and the gates were opened and those lost minutes were made up in full (plus interest)! So our bold Mia decided to take a back seat today, and introduced us to Bendy Aunty Fran! She looked friendly enough and initially it seemed she couldn’t be related to the Mia who’s been torturing us for a month. Or could she? The shoes came off…the socks came off…heck did I have underwear on? Would it come off? Phew, it stopped at the socks!! (note to self, shave legs before next Friday)!! Then it was underway with my first ‘yoga’ class. I had absolutely NO idea what to expect. And at first I though Bendy Aunty Fran was going to embark on the first decade of the rosary….heaven forbid, but 6.15am is just a tad early to get underway with the 5 decades. fit, yoga, meditate
Fortunately I was wrong and it was the ‘yoga’ warm up…not quite the ‘dreaded’ warm up Mia puts us through. But this was tough in a very different way. It was then onto bendy moves the likes of which I’ve never seen before. We were closing gates with our arms and legs (my gate is staying open Bendy Aunty Fran, so there!), and there was a boat stretch somewhere along the way. Needless to say my ship wasn’t sailing today! There was a lot of stretching, and for some reason, Bendy Aunty Fran insisted on stretching me to the limit…at one point I thought me wee body would break. But no, it survived.A girl doing yoga
We moved the muscles in our butt…we sat on a virtual bar stool…she (Bendy Aunty Fran) even suggested drinking a virtual glass of wine – someone tell her there’s no such thing as a ‘virtual’ glass of wine!! We stretched from the top of the wee heads to the tips of the wee toes. And then low and behold Bendy Aunty Fran had us all lay down and covered us with a blankie! Bliss, she has a heart…no doubt it’s flipping ‘bendy’ too!!!
Fortunately none of my English students come to this fit camp. Cos I’d have been left with a red face today…some of the language and terminology used here is even beyond me…I do remember ‘namaste’ however. So ‘namaste’ Bendy Aunty Fran, cheers and all that, but it’s the weekend now and that can only mean one thing!fit, yoga, wine