So last night a group of the fit camp ladies and some friends embarked on their first running session. It is just another step on the fitness road for the group and the goal of running 10K at the end of next month. Like myself, the gals are all novices at this malarky, and it was a taster session to see if we’d like to pursue the said goal. And like true sporting ladies, the goal is set and the 10K will be run!!!
Prior to setting off last night myself and another lady decided that we might need a wine/water pit stop en route of our first session. So, low and behold, we were sorted. Mrs Mc (who for unknown reason was unable to attend personally) sent us along her wise solution. And a wine bottle of water was the pit stop.Fit, wine
Now apparently another lady was meant to join us on the run last night. But an alleged ‘cold’ got in the way! We’ll give her one more chance at joining and if she should fail to show tomorrow night (Fri), then we’ll be placing bets at Moville’s Inishowen Bookmakers to see how much we can make on betting on her eventually turning up! Mrs F we’ll be waiting!