Should we now be counting up the days at 11, or should we be counting backwards with only 7 to go!! Either way, it’s definitely the home straight we are now upon! I keep repeating how I just don’t know how the wicked Mia comes up with the exercises, or as she likes to call them, games, for us to do! I got my answer this morning! Mrs Mc told me that a number of years ago Mia was on the receiving end of lightening as it attacked her phone! Lightening struck! It sent shockwaves through her timid body (back then it was timid) and turned her into a….. well into Mia!! Mia, as we know her!fit 2, lightning
If this mornings class was to be given a name, it would relate to the ‘spare tyre’. Most people assume that one does a ‘fit camp’ to lose weight, or get rid of a ‘spare tyre’. But that’s not always the case. We ladies are there to get fit, and if the odd spare tyre happens to disappear, then great to have the added bonus. But Mia had an influx of ‘spare tyres’ this morning. Between hurling them overhead, to banging them off the ground, you name it, we did it with the tyre. As someone stressed, ‘there was rubber everywhere’. That there sure was!Fit 1, spare tyre
Now whilst we were mainly throwing and lifting these ‘spare tyres’, Mrs Mc was obviously daydreaming of holidaying in the sun. There she was laying on the tyre, and soaking up the early morning sun in Muff! I guess family do get certain privileges!! Even at fit camp!fit 3, lying in ring
So I’m told there’s a nice change for us this coming Friday morning. We have to bring a ‘tie’ and a ‘blanket’ with us. So it’s either a ‘dressing up’ class, or a ‘sleeping’ class. I’m certainly hoping for the latter! Friday morning we’re eagerly awaiting you!!!