And finally we are into double figures. Somehow it makes the end seem nearer….mind you, I’m not sure this is ever going to end!!! Monday morning should be quiet and relaxing. One does have to break out on the weekend and carry out the odd ‘sin’ or two…doesn’t one?
So it would be appropriate for that Monday morning to be more subdued and then kick start the week on a Tuesday! Thanks to Mia we ain’t privy to such luxury! It’s up and at it with the larks! I’m lost for words in trying to understand how she comes up with the workouts that she does! One wouldn’t wish some of them on your worst enemy! (Or maybe one would!)
A wheel tyre should surely be just a ‘wheel tyre’. In any normal, sane persons world, I’m sure it is. But now we’re all part of Mia’s world, it takes on a whole new meaning. It’s for squatting against, it’s for those dreaded ‘press up’s’ and then it’s for what I can only describe as chaotic ‘weight lifting’. Moan as we do, there’s just no getting out of it! Fit camp tyre
As for planking, well we know it’s good for those tums but making a tunnel out of our planks, and crawling, or rather slithering through it…..jumping over it….I must have had too much wine on the weekend, this just doesn’t seem right!!fit camp planking
We were nearly very fortunate to almost get breakfast afterwards this morning. One lady was talking about the 20 breakfasts at her house, so I added my name to her list. Only to discover that she runs an IBB – an Imaginary Bed and Breakfast. She certainly had too much wine on the weekend!fit camp brekkie
Oh well, another week underway and even more to come. Here’s to not only Wednesday morning but Mia’s spell has us coming on Wednesday evening as well…run Mia run!