So ‘fit camp’ is over for another week. We all look forward to our well earned weekends, but even more so now! With three very early rises in a week for Mia’s dreaded ‘fit camp’ the weekend is a welcomed delight come 7.15 on a Friday morning. Surely I’m not alone when I look forward to that glass of ‘vino’ when Friday night finally arrives!Fit 2 wine
‘Press Up’s’ are our new alleged ‘best friend’…yeah right! And ‘frog jumps’ are the norm…yeah right! And Mia’s inability to ‘count’ is just another part of our weekly routine…definitely RIGHT! From Beyonce dance moves to knocking down cones…from jumping like frogs to squatting like eejits, we really are in the ‘know’ of fitness. The abs they are a tightening…the thighs they are a 3 wine
There’s midges, there’s sweat, there’s heavy breathing and there’s the rocking of the motion. There’s motherly advice and there’s the daughter with not a notion! There’s the inability to count and then there’s the sheer ability to mount! There’s the hard one, and then there’s the soft one! There’s the easy way and there’s the hard way. But either way, there’s always flipping Mia’s way!Mia FunFitness
Insanity prevailed this morning. So we’ve all become immune to vanity. We’ve all lost our sanity. And we’re slowly losing our humanity. But Mia prevails in profanity!!!!! One day we’ll rejoin christianity and then perhaps regain that sanity which her profanity helped lose our humanity. But for now we’ll enjoy our wineity!!! fit 4 wine