Day 9 is over and done and we are now into the home straight! Half way has been reached and surely it will all be downhill from here on! I can dream. Just as I thought I was getting the hang of this malarky, Mia goes and throws a hickey fit! She decides to introduce us to ‘INSANITY’ on a Friday morning. If that’s not cruelty to adults, I don’t know what is!Insanity
I used to think this lady was just plain ‘wicked’, but now I realise that she is insanely wicked! And to top it all, she smiled an awful lot this morning. I’ll be showing her smiles one of these mornings!
Mind you I should be grateful that we’re all still alive and must surely be getting fit! One day soon, I might admit the girl is good! ‘Might’ I said! Time will tell.
It’s the first morning in 3 weeks, and 9 sessions that the entire group of ladies have been silent. There was no time for talk. There was no ability to talk. There was just no talk left in us! Even Mrs Mc and Mrs M were quiet! Now that’s saying something!
Of course there’s no show without ‘frogs’ these days, and the good old ‘frog jumps’ were leaping mad!
After the hour, time was called, and it was all heads for the gate. There was no energy for chatter, it was home and relaxation. It was just plain escapism from her insanely wicked self. A wine fuelled night and a lie on past 5.45am in the morning awaits!!wine
To everyone who has ‘first communion’ in the morning, do enjoy, and I hope you’re not too sore waling up the chapel aisle!!