Two days in a row has proved extremely tough. But we ALL did it, and survived….just about, but we made it! Here’s to not rushing into the next Bank Holiday weekend anytime soon! On arising this morning it was miserable and damp. I thought (or maybe hoped) fit camp might have to be cancelled. Only to find that the weather only serves to push this Mia woman even more!
So it was a change of routine today. The dreaded ‘warm up’ was in the shape of cones. I’d been looking forward to the honeycombed flavoured one, but it was nowhere in sight! Instead there was a zillion orange cones laid out along the pitch! And some of us spent our time running and knocking them down, whilst the others ran and put them upright again. At first it was fun, but as the minutes went by, it was proving to be yet another of Mia’s wicked tasks! An intuitive criminal mind this lady really does have!fit cones
And then I can safely say that each and everyone of us succeeded in doing 100+ each of squats, sit ups and press ups. I swear Mia said 10 times but oh no, when we reached 10, it turned to 20! I’m really convinced now that the lady simply can’t count. Mags, did she ever go to school? I’d be checking those old reports and see if her maths suffered!
As for the chitter, well it can only ever be censored. Some things are for ‘fit campers’ eyes and ears only. But there was an influx of ‘frogs’ to one ladies house last night. The poor woman was up chasing them through the night. That’s what those dreaded ‘frog jumps’ has driven us to!!fit frog
Someone heard a joint crack whilst doing a crunch today….I swear they were mistaken. It could only be the crack of Mia’s whip. It never flipping stops!
Then again, when you’ve just become a mother to 7 I guess a whip is needed. Mia became a parent again just hours prior to running her first marathon on Sunday. And she didn’t even know the babies were on their way! Poor puppies, they came into the world and no one was there to greet and welcome them. Here’s hoping those puppies cry and howl through the night and give Mia a taste of sleepless night’s for a while. Maybe then, she just might sleep in one morning!!
So girlies, it’s nearing half way. Friday at 7.15 we shall be into the home straight and the abs will be nearing pitch perfect. Bring it on!
Oh, and a huge ‘good luck’ to the lovely H who embarks on her exams tomorrow. You’ll ace them lovely lady 🙂Fit hannah