Cooley Pitch & Putt

What a location for a Pitch & Putt course. It’s up in historic Cooley with a great view over the lough.

I had my first game of the season today. I wondered what I’d be like as I lined up my first pitch. I scoofed it all the way along the ground. It probably got no more than a few inches off the ground at any stage – and ended up 3 feet from the hole on the first green.


I remember when I was  Project Manager at Honda in Chiswick in West London that I used to play pitch & putt with some of the guys who worked for me every lunchtime.

Some of them were proper golfers, who did proper shots. How often they would groan as I would scoof another shot along the ground and end up on the green.

I had this strange ability in those days, and at that course, to hit the ball the same distance and to much the same place whether I hit it in the air or scoofed it along the ground.

“That’s not fair! That’s not right!” the proper golfers would say while shaking their heads as I scoofed yet another along the ground and ended upon or near the green.


From memory I would beat them more often than they beat me but they always seemed to think that they had been robbed when I beat them. There was never a “well done” if I beat them.

They didn’t think it was well done at all. It spoiled all that they thought was right with golf. You shouldn’t succeed by hitting bad shots they obviously thought and therefore there would be no “well done” or congratulations.

Great Skill

I’m hoping that this great ‘skill’ has come back again after that ‘nice’ two at the first. It really makes people mad and probably does them some psychological golfing damage as another ground ball rolls onto the green.

It’s a lot more peaceful at the pitch & putt course in Cooley compared to the one in Chiswick in London – and I didn’t have to play in my suit trousers, shirt and leather shoes like I did in Chiswick. It’s light years away from all that.

Great View

The Cooley course is a nice bit of exercise with a great view on the hill overlooking the lough.

Oscar Wilde described golf as a waste of a good walk. I’d say that it was still a good walk but with a purpose.

If you’ve got a bit of spare time on a good day, get up there and have some fun – and some peace.