My Belfast born mom loves Daniel O’Donnell. She has seen all 13 public television Daniel O’Donnell specials. Sometimes they are repeated again later in the evening – so she can see Daniel O’Donnell twice in one night.

Off the internet I scored (3) tickets to Daniel O’Donnell last nights concert in Minneapolis, MN at Northrup Auditorium at the University of Minnesota. Three for the price of one main floor ticket! I could not unload the third ticket (free) to any family member or friend! Unbelievable! We left it at “will-call” hoping someone walking up to the ticket booth hoping to purchase one of the few remaining seats in first or second balcony seats would appreciate the upgrade and a free ticket.

But as we meandered on the main floor looking for our seats I caught sight of two remaining handicapped seating on the first floor. My mom would qualify as she has memory loss and I would be her companion. We were able to view the entire Daniel O’Donnell concert on a small platform to also accommodate wheel chairs and walkers. (The platform also accommodated my mom jumping up and clapping many times during the night). We never knew if anyone got the extra ticket.

Budgeted into the show was a Daniel O’Donnell CD. During intermission the lobby table was swamped with fans so I thought we’d wait until the end of the evening. So we went out into the night and meandered around the University of Minnesota’s campus lawn. As we were entering the lobby my mom looked at me quizzically and asked, “Where are we going?” She was slightly tugging back on my arm. I knew she had forgotten. I said quickly, “Daniel O’Donnell!” Her face lit up just as it had ninety minutes ago when the show started.

So my mom was with Daniel O’Donnell twice in one night! And a CD to help her remember.