Day 7 should have been yesterday. But Mia decided we deserved a treat and have the Bank Holiday Monday off! Wonderful I did think…initially! Tuesday morning proved a tad difficult to arise. But arise I did do, as did the other ladies, and it was just as we expected…tough, enduring, unflattering and sweat filled! Mia may have been a little sore after her marathon, but her determination to keep us sweating and faltering hadn’t wavered. Not even a little!fit 1
And to make the day even more interesting she hits us with the ‘fitness test’. So we were competing with ourselves. Trying to beat our results from two weeks ago. This meant even more sweating, cursing and sheer determination to beat the last record. And I did….some only by a margin, but it was bigger…that means I’m getting fitter. Maybe I could stop now! But no, life wouldn’t be the same anymore without the ladies fun filled chitter chatter on these mornings. And of course there’s always the delightful Mrs Mc showing us the correct moves…and today it was dipping! If she’s not telling us how the motion should go, it’s showing us how to dip. And boy can she dip!fit 3
Some new exercises were introduced today and after my ass almost falling off at the weekend, it was the turn of my arms this morning. I really did think they were detaching from my body. I could be limbless before this 6 weeks are up!
And then when I did manage to get through the hour, go teach for the morning, keep going till dinner, I discover that the footie kicks off again on Friday for the gals. They’re trying to kill me. Ok, so I’ll give it a go again. And then….then, I discover that we’re going training soon for a 10k!!! Has the whole world gone mad? Has this fitness made me hallucinate? Is this really just a bad dream I’m going to wake up from soon? Pinch me quick to ensure I’m alive.
Should it materialise that I’m really dead, do post all bills and my outstanding credit to ‘Mia Funfitness’ and add on a little interest. fit 2
Here’s to doing it all over again tomorrow morning.