This past two Sunday nights I’ve gone to bed with the image of Mia, aka Maria McColgan, firmly implanted on my mind! All because I knew I was getting up the following mornings for ‘fit camp’ with her wicked self at dawn. So with tomorrow being a Bank Holiday and having the morning free, I still have her image lurking around….probably because I was just a tad proud of her today on completion of her first marathon.
I was standing under Craigavon Bridge this morning just after 8.30am with the camera in hand waiting for the runners to pass by, and I guess deep down I was hoping to see Mia experience some of that ‘good pain’ she is forever inflicting upon us ‘fit campers’! Just before 9.30am, Mia comes running under the bridge with a firm smile planted on her face and a big wave for the camera. She was well and truly on her way!Mia bridge
Once all the local heads had passed by I went off and treated myself to a nice big ‘Ulster Fry’. So whilst Mia was running towards Nixon’s Corner, I was eating a plate of carbs and grease! Well it was before 3pm on a Sunday Mia, and you allow us that treat! I think! Then it was off to the Peace Bridge to stand on a wall for the next hour! It was great seeing all the local heads come running along and then Mia appears around the corner on the bridge, and the smile still strong. I’m certain she did a ‘beyonce dance’coming towards me. She even had time to call out that she was indeed experiencing some ‘good pain’! Still going strong, she proceeded down along the quay to the Bay road.Muff 15
Time for a take away mocha to keep me going and try to banish the after effects of last night’s Guinness, I headed to Guildhall Square to chat with a few who had finished and wait for Mia once more.
I’d known that Mia had a time on her mind for her completion and as I watched the clock I knew she had 4 minutes remaining. I was willing her to come around that last corner, and low and behold there she was. Not only were her wee legs still going, but they took a spurt and not only came onto the blue carpet, but literally flew onto it and right to the finish line. And she had a couple of minutes to spare. Mia had finished her first marathon in style and within her given time. Mia carpet
Mind you when I think of her tomorrow I secretly want her to experience a little more of that ‘good pain’ she so fondly talks about with us!
So Mia, huge congratulations, and I hope as I write this that you are currently enjoying a well earned glass/bottle of vino. And do go easy on us when Tuesday morning comes!