Whilst walking through the village this evening prior to the annual ‘John Lynch’ cycle I came upon a new addition to the area. This little man has been photographed more than any other child I’ve ever known. I’ve seen his Dad and his Grandad many times since his birth and I feel as if I know the little man himself….thanks to the power of Facebook and the pictures shared there!
Harry was born in February of this year and it was only tonight that I met him in the flesh. His Grandad was about to embark on the cycle from Muff to Moville for the 21st year and wee Harry was enjoying a stroll with his Dad.dsc_7492
Maybe next year Harry will be upon the baby seat of Grandad’s bike and no doubt in years ahead he will be cycling his very own bicycle! We’ve all read the ‘Harry Potter’ books…and ‘Prince Harry’ is ever in the news….however Muff has it’s very own Harry, and he’s sure to make his very own mark. It may be selling ‘meat’ to the locals, but it’s guaranteed that this little man will definitely ‘meet’ many people along the way. I rest assured that ‘Harry Potter’ or ‘Prince Harry’ never had as many knitted/crocheted hats as our very own Harry has. And he’s still only just over 3 months old! Go Harry!Harry 2