Johnny Cash hired my cousin. She was his stylist for his east coast touring (1995-97) during his American recordings relaunch. My cousin Colleen Creighton was chosen, in part, because she was an Irish girl! Apparently, Johnny Cash never forgot the enthusiasm Ireland had for his music. And in turn, Johnny Cash had a special affinity for Irish people.

Side note: My mom attaches “Forty Shades of Green” only to Daniel O’Donnell’s version of the song. She has always steadfastly refused to believe that a song so quintessentially Irish (in her mind) was written by an American.

We are bit of a superstitious Irish American family. If jumpers are put on accidentally inside out it is considered a sign of good luck But I also found out as a young girl that if you did this on purpose nothing will happen. Tea leaves were read by our families friend – Maura from Dublin. Reading tea leaves was for adults. But my cousin Colleen’s was read by Maura when she was only 15-16. It foretold her future accurately. Colleen would have a life of travel by revealing an airplane with bags of money be thrown out to her by people.

This tea cup prophecy has held true from my cousin. She has traveled all over the world in the fashion industry and lives in New York.

Here is a picture of Colleen with a Maasi Warrior in Kenya while on location.