2 weeks over and one third the way into the fit camp. That’s an achievement in itself as far as I’m concerned! The sun was shining bright this morning at 6.15 when we met and it was the perfect morning for a nice cone! But Mia decided to change tactics and omitted to bring the treat…I was desperately awaiting a honeycomb or strawberry flavoured one…should’ve known better I guess! Apparently from her recent comment on my fb there’ll be cones on Wednesday of next week!! Can’t wait!
So today, it was the ‘warm up’…not as tough as other mornings, or maybe the ‘fitness’ is building and I’m getting the hang of this! Stranger things have happened! And then it was Beyonce to frog jumping. Oh, yeah, we had the moves of Beyonce, and the jumps of a frog! Those legs of ours are going to be so toned in the next few weeks, that Beyonce will be coming to Muff to get up to scratch! And boy will we show her a thing or two!beyonce
I also learned today that it takes 640 burpees to work off a McDonald’s Big Mac. Not particularly a McD’s fan, but I’ll not be popping by on a regular basis now, cos nothing surer than Mia would spot me and I’d be set to burpee stance on the spot!!
Press up’s may have seemed an impossibility a couple of weeks ago, but today they were slow, but they were coming. The old arms are an aching this Friday evening, but I’m sure it’s nothing a good glass of vino won’t cure in a short while!wine
I’d secretly been thinking all week that next week will be a nice short one…Bank Holiday weekend and all that! But oh the dreaded Mia has other ideas! She’s informed us that we do indeed have Monday morning off, but Tuesday morning at 6.15 it’s back to jumping jacks, ski jumping, burpees and everything else that goes alongside! However, on the bright side, there’s three whole days with no ‘fit camp’. That’s gotta be worth celebrating!!
We, the fit campers may be fortunate to have the weekend free, but our wickedly wonderful Mia is NOT! Mia is undertaking her first marathon this coming Sunday in Derry. At approximately 8.30am on Sunday she will embark on the 26 mile run. I did contemplate getting a tee shirt, with ‘just one more minute’ and ‘it’s good pain’ on it, but no, I’ll just be along the route cheering her on. If anyone deserves some support on Sunday it’s Mia. Do come out and support her. She may seem the witch of our aches at dawn on the said mornings, but she’s absolutely brilliant at encouraging us to ‘get fit’. Without her dedication and support, none of us would be doing the fun ‘fit camp’ that we are. So Mia, on Sunday morning rest assured we, the fit campers, will all be routing for you. If some are not there in person, they will definitely be there in spirit. So I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say, ‘best of luck Mia on Sunday, and just enjoy every minute of it’. And remember, “The thirst you feel in your throat and lungs will be gone minutes after the race is over. The pain in your legs within days, but the glory of your finish will last forever.” Go Mia!Mia marathon