Tonight saw the 21st annual cycle in memory of John Lynch. The ‘John Lynch Perpetual Shield’ cycle has been a favourite annual event among local folk and the extended community over these years. Many cyclists from around Inishowen and the local area participate every year. Tonight was NO exception.
However, one local character, a certain Mr. Collie Lyndsay, was present tonight as in other years. I was fortunate to catch up with the popular guy prior to the cycle. I had the camera in hand and took a few pics and agreed to follow up on his arrival in Moville. dsc_7470
So off I headed to Moville. When there I caught up with quite a few of the folk who chose to stop off and have a breather there in Rawdons Bar and enjoy the refreshments being served. After they all left, I continued to wait to welcome the beloved Collie. And I waited…and waited…and waited….eventually I gave up. I was a little concerned that perhaps he came upon some trouble. Maybe he got a flat tyre en route. Maybe the pipe went out and he couldn’t get a light. Or maybe he just lost his way…somewhere around Callaghans! Either way, concern set in.dsc_7471
So I decided I’d play the ‘good samaritan’ and head back up the road and possibly come to his rescue. There was ‘no’ sign of himself anywhere en route at all. I even checked in with the ‘Red Cross’ who had not sighted him since leaving Muff.
Where could he be?dsc_7473
Apparently he never really got past the Muff area. Some say he made it to the Carmans…some reserve judgement! Either way, he DID successfully make it back to the Squealing Pig as I saw him in the flesh there on my own return. So just how far he did get, I’m unsure. But I’ve decided the poor man didn’t know the way to Moville and decided to play ‘it safe’ and returned to his ‘home turf’ when he realised he was out of his comfort zone. So perhaps some kind person will invest in a ‘sat nav’ and allow him to use it next year. Collie Lyndsay I’ll wait again in 2015 at Rawdon’s Bar in Moville and you WILL cycle to there! You will…you will…you will 🙂