Another day is over. Well the early morning, energetic, fast paced part of the day! Mia surpassed herself today. No, not as a wonderful, delightful person, but as a wonderfully wicked fitness instructor….last night she had the nerve to post on Mia Funfitness fb page that ‘tomorrow we have a wee game planned’. That sounded a little like fun. Well, maybe we knew it wouldn’t be fun, but a ‘game’ indicates fun to some extent. That is if it’s a game planned by a normal, sane, NICE individual. As the days are going on, this lady is proving to be everything but!!!
A rather large deck of cards was laid out at the top of the pitch. We ladies were split into three teams. And alongside each of us was a list that went something like this: Diamonds – burpees; Spades – superman; Hearts – Squat kicks; Clubs – press ups! What could this possibly have to do with a game? So it was explained! cardsJust a bit of fun? Yeah, right! (And this was all after the dreaded ‘warm up’ of course!). We took turns to run the length of the pitch to pick a card…the number on the card indicated the amount of moves we would do to the specified ‘suit’ of the cards. Oh dear, the game took a turn for the worse. My team appeared to be jinxed…if it wasn’t a K, Q or J (which indicate 10 moves of the set exercise) then it was a 10 or 9. And then the being that is Mia, decided to ensure we all got a flipping Joker….indicating 10 of each exercise…the sweat was rolling, the breath was heaving, and Mia was smiling!!joker
If it had even been just a deck of cards, I guess we could have called it a game…but oh no, it was 10 flipping decks of cards (well that’s how it seemed to me)…they were never ending.
One thing I have learned after this morning is that those moves are all tough, but the one called ‘superman’ is so desperately undernamed. We might not look very ladylike when doing it, but we are all ‘superwomen’!
And as for a certain lady telling us that it’s no good unless it’s ‘hard’, I’m sure she wasn’t talking about her egg!! Hump day over and done with once more. Bring on Friday and those cones (I’m assuming it’s ice cream cones for a weekend treat)!ice cream