Donegal Council

All the votes are in and counted and here is the make up of the new Donegal Council:-

11 – Fianna Fail

10 – Independent

9 – Sinn Fein

6 – Fine Gael

1 – Labour


With 37 seats and a majority being 18 one can only guess at the alignments in the new Donegal Council.

Fianna Fail,with 11 council seats, finished top but are still 7 votes away from a majority.

Will they align with Sinn Fein?

Will they align with Fine Gael and a couple of Independents or Martin Farren?

Will they try to rule with 7 Independents or 6 plus Martin Farren?


There will be a lot of hard bargaining going on.

Will Sinn Fein try to rule with most of the Independents?

A Fine Gael / Sinn Fein alliance doesn’t look likely and they would be three short of a majority.

We’ll know soon.