It really is getting easier…so very much easier…easier to contemplate turning over when the 5.45am alarm sounds and just ignoring it! But no, such can’t happen and it’s up and out to embark on week 2! Mind you it was a rather pleasant sunny morning to be out jumping and squatting with tyres, balls and more balls!!squats
It was the usual dreaded ‘warm up’ and then a mad course of circuits! I was a bit iffy when I saw the layout but even more so when I lifted the ball to do a sit up and discovered the ball weighed a flipping tonne…she never told me it was heavy! And when we remarked the skipping ropes earlier in the morning, Mia informed us that there’s so much more one can do with skipping ropes other than skip! Surely she was just making an observation! Not Mia. Turned out that 35 minutes later we were dragging tyres around the pitch with a skipping rope. One could never have thought that up with a sane mind. And then having to collect ping pong balls each time. Madness and mayhem ensued. There were two teams, and one had an extra person, but who were we to complain. We developed various ways of transporting those ping pongs!fit 2
Following a weekend with an All Ireland win in the house, and a wine and guinness fuelled Saturday night, being stopped in a bar in Derry on Saturday night and told that I shouldn’t be drinking cos I’m doing a boot camp, I really didn’t think I’d be fit to see the hour through. But there were others with blisters, midge bites, and One Direction mania, and all were in the same mindset. However we saw it through and managed to survive another set. Mia is lucky to have escaped this morning without a ping pong shooting match at her. But it’ll come! Only another 14 sessions to go and we’ll have done it!!