Black Mickey

When Black Mickey Doherty was eliminated and his votes would be the last ones to be transferred, the votes stood like this for 8th, 9th and 10th slot on the council with only 9 council seats available:-

1268 – Ciaran McLaughlin (SF)

1258 – Martin Farren (Lab)

1213 – John Ryan (FG)


After Black Mickey’s transfer votes were counted it was completely changed and it stood as follows:-

1403 – Martin Farren

1360 – John Ryan

1307 – Ciaran McLaughlin.


Of course, Black Mickey is Fine Gael himself so John Ryan must have been expectant and Ciaran McLaughlin worried but hoping that he had a good enough lead of 55 over John Ryan.

However, he fell from 8th to 10th slot on the very last transfer ballot.

John Ryan got 147 of Black Mickey’s 638 transfers, which was not surprising as he is Fine Gael also.

However, Martin Farren got 145 of his transfers as well – which must have come as a shock to Ciaran who only got 39 of them.

If Black Mickey didn’t get back in again, at least he affected the result.