Final Seat

At one point Martin Farren was only clinging on by 5 votes to the 9th and final council seat.

However, he was expecting transfers from Mary McCauley and Black Mickey Doherty – and he got them.

131 of Mary McCauley’s 516 voters transferred to Martin Farren – the Moville and Greencastle vote.

Black Mickey

However, even more, and perhaps surprisingly, 145 of Mickey Doherty’s 638 votes transferred to Martin too – and he needed them right at the death, being in 9th place before he got those.

So, Martin must have got a lot of the Quigley’s point vote – or maybe Black Mickey had taken some of the Moville vote.

Whoever they were Martin was mighty glad of them.


He was confident after the tallies on Saturday but he must have been getting nervous as he slipped to 9th only 5 votes ahead of the 10th slot.

Martin always gets in with  a tight squeak as he did last time very late on.

One doesn’t know if he will have the nerves to go through it all again in 5 years time.