Labour’s vote across the country halved from 15% to 7.5%.

If Martin Farren had followed this trend his vote would have fallen from 881 to 440 on the first ballot.

However, it rose 15% from 881 to 1017 in the tallies.

That’s an astonishing performance from the Moville man.

Hard Work

He puts it down to the hard work that he has put in from Day 1.

This result must get noticed in Dublin when the leaders of the Labour Party there study their results.

There wouldn’t be many Labour councillors, if any, across the country who would have increased their vote.


It’s mainly down to Martin who has worked very hard when given the opportunity he had been wanting for ages.

It’s also down to his campaign team with the likes of Don McGinley and Seamus Bovaird.

Perhaps the national leaderships should study how Martin has done it.

Of course, he hasn’t won his seat yet as he needs transfer votes to get him to the 1,539 votes he needs but it shouldn’t be a problem with transfer votes to come from Black Mickey and Mary McCauley.