Martin McDermott of Fianna Fail is elected, and his extra votes transferred and DDI candidate Haden Ellis and Independent Paul Ferguson were eliminated.

Martin Farren picked up 13 votes and Mary McCauley picked up 76. She picked up the 2nd most after Bernard McGuinness who picked up 91.

Rena Donaghey picked up 45 which moves her a little more to safety.

Martin Farren is now 62 above the 10th spot in 8th place when there are only 9 seats. There are plenty of votes still to be transferred though.

Paul Ryan, in 9th, looks good for that 9th spot as there are two Fine Gael candidates below him and he’ll take some of their votes.

Ciaran McLaughlin in 10th spot doesn’t have any other Sinn Fein candidates below him and Sinn Fein don’t get as many transfers as the other parties.


Martin McDermott (FF)      2002 Elected

Jack Murray (SF) 1476      1483

Albert Doherty (SF) 1399   1459

Paul Canning (FF) 1316   1334

Nicholas Crossan (Ind) 1252   1258

Bernard McGuinness (FG) – 1180   1271

Rena Donaghey (FF) 1139   1184

Martin Farren (Lab) 1038   1051

John Ryan (FG) 1013   1017

Ciaran McLaughlin (SF) 980   989

Mickey Doherty (FG) 638   652

Joe Murphy (PBPA) 601   608

Patrick McCarroll (Ind) 555   595

Mary McCauley (FF) 516   592

Peter McLaughlin (FG) 359   362

Stewart Ryan (Ind) 332   340

Haden Ellis (DDI) 106   107 Eliminated

Paul Ferguson (Ind) 93   94 Eliminated