Martin Farren

He’s done it again. With just two boxes left to be tallied Martin Farren was in 10th position and there are only 9 council positions.

It wasn’t looking good.

However, the two last boxes opened have made a big difference to him. You just can’t write him off. He came back late last time round.

He’s now leapt from 10th to 8th after the last two boxes were opened. At least one of them must have been from around here as he got more than anyone else out of the last two boxes with an extra 188 votes.

Next was Paul Canning with an extra 144, Jack Murray with an extra 131 then Mary McCauley with an extra 46 votes.

Not Safe

Martin is 138 ahead of 10th placed John Ryan, so he is not safe yet especially with a Fianna Fail, Sinn Fein and Fine Gael candidates immediately behind him who can get transfer votes.

However, Martin may also get Mary McCauley’s transfer votes.

He’s not home and dry yet but he’ll be feeling a lot better than he was before the last two boxes were open when he was in 10th place when there are only 9 council positions.

He targeted 1100 in the first ballot and he is not so far off.


The tallies are (with the tallies with 2 boxes still to open in brackets):-

2034 (2025) – Martin McDermott (FF)

1441 (1310) – Jack Murray (SF)

1311 (1281) – Albert Doherty (SF)

1255 (1235) – Nicholas Crossan (No Party)

1185 (1183) – Bernard McGuinness (FG)

1139 (995) – Paul Canning (FF)

1098 (1095) – Rena Donaghy (FF)

1012 (824) – Martin Farren (L)

952 (936) – Ciaran McLaughlin (SF)

874 (852) – John Ryan (FG)

607 (585) – Mickey Doherty (FG)

583 (572) – Joe Murphy (PBP)

556 (551) – Patrick McCarroll (NP)

493 (447) – Mary McCauley (FF)

358 (358) – Peter McLaughlin (FG)

299 (292) – Ryan Steward (NP)

93 – Ellis Haden (DDI)

90 – Paul Ferguson (NP)