They have announced that the number of votes needed to be automatically elected is 1,539.

Martin Farren has 1,012 and lies in 8th place at the moment.

However, the Tallymen have given good indications that he should be one of the top nine when transfers get included.

Indeed they indicate that he may finish even higher than his current 8th place and maybe even as high as 5th or 6th.

They’re generally very accurate.

Sunday Roast

However, the real count doesn’t start till Sunday morning.

They were just ‘tallying’ as the European votes were being separated from the local election votes.

Martin would expect to pick up votes from Mary McCauley and Black Mickey when they get eliminated as is likely barring a miracle.

It’s not certain but it looks as if Moville has a Councillor for the next 5 years.