It looks as if, according to the Tallies, that there will be 3 Fianna Fail councillors in Martin McDermott, the poll leader, Paul Canning and Rena Donaghy.

Sinn Fein are in good position to get 3 as well, although one of their candidates, Ciaran McLaughlin, is in the 9th and final slot and may still be vulnerable. The others, Jack Murray and Albert Doherty are safe in 2nd and 3rd places.

Labour look to have got their only candidate, Martin Farren, in. He’s currently in 8th place, with 9 seats available, but the Tallymen seem to think he’ll come higher.

Fine Gael only have Bernard McGuinness in the top 9 slots in 5th place and he looks safe.

The real fight appears to be between Ciaran McLaughlin of Sinn Fein and John Ryan of Fine Gael.

Ciaran is in 9th place with 952 votes and John Ryan has 874 votes.

However, Black Mickey comes in 11th spot with 607 votes and as he is Fine Gael a whole load of his votes will go to John Ryan. That makes the 78 vote difference look not so insurmountable.

If Fine Gael came out of this with two seats, the same as Sinn Fein, I’m sure they would be pleased with that.


The tallies are:-

2034  – Martin McDermott (FF)

1441  – Jack Murray (SF)

1311  – Albert Doherty (SF)

1255  – Nicholas Crossan (No Party)

1185  – Bernard McGuinness (FG)

1139  – Paul Canning (FF)

1098  – Rena Donaghy (FF)

1012  – Martin Farren (L)

952  – Ciaran McLaughlin (SF)

874  – John Ryan (FG)

607  – Mickey Doherty (FG)

583  – Joe Murphy (PBP)

556  – Patrick McCarroll (NP)

493  – Mary McCauley (FF)

358  – Peter McLaughlin (FG)

299  – Ryan Steward (NP)

93 – Ellis Haden (DDI)

90 – Paul Ferguson (NP)