A glass of wine is in hand. A bottle is chilling. This is no ordinary glass of vino. This is possibly the best earned glass I’ve ever consumed! Not only is day 3 of my first ever fit camp complete, but the first week is done and dusted. Just another 5 weeks and 15 sessions to go. At 40+ I’m not only chuffed with myself but darn well pleased at sticking with the pace.
As always this morning we embarked on the dreaded ‘warm up’ at 6.15am. There was a biting chill in the air but after 30 seconds it magically disappeared….quite possibly due to the onslaught of Mia and that ‘warm up’. For once I was actually grateful for it! Come Monday morning I’ll be cursing it once more.
Today took a slightly different turn after that warming up stint. There was some new moves thrown in. I recall ‘basketball jumps’, ‘ski jumps’ and some crazy high ‘push up’ where our heads were to hang like ‘bells’! The force of Mia is definitely with us!! I’m beginning to wonder if she is undercover and training us for some mad jumping rage.Mia
And as always there was the banter. Without it we would never survive the early morning hour! Whilst running and jumping one lady informed us that her ‘vessel’ was much larger that the rest. We other ladies have smaller vessels. Mind you this lady is clearly quite happy with her large ‘vessel’ and insisted she wouldn’t change it. Mrs Mc then informed us that it’s not the size of your ‘vessel’ that counts, but the motion of it. Apparently she is an expert in the motion of these ‘vessels’. Perhaps we’re missing out on something but hopefully Mrs Mc will educate us on this motion over the coming weeks. She clearly has had more experience with this! The motion, you can just judge for yourself what it might be!squat
So some of the ladies are in Dublin tonight at One Direction. All fobbing us off that their daughters are the fans. Yeah, right! Ye are all hoping to try out that motion with Niall or Harry. Ye don’t fool us!
And then there’s the other lady who’s off on a girly weekend to Dublin. Hmm, there’s sure to be some motion there…no doubt with a wine glass or three! The streets of Dublin, do beware this weekend. You have no idea what these gals are capable of! They have a history!
On Wednesday a back of an ear ring was discovered on the ground…clearly one of the over 50’s from Sunday morning has mislaid it. Today it was something a little more obscene that was discovered. It was one of those over 50’s ‘slabbers’. It’s currently being tested and the dna will no doubt show just who owns it! Unfortunately we will not be retaining the slabber for return! Only the good lord knows what will be discovered on that ground on Monday!
Part of my satisfaction today came from the opportunity I got to kick hell out of Mia’s tummy. Now that felt good. And somehow I got more energy than I’ve had for some time, and the kicking just kept on going. Heck, it felt good!
So we’ve all survived week one. Here’s to week two and what it holds. Only Mia knows. And quite frankly I really don’t want to just now! So gals, enjoy the weekend whatever ye do, but for heavens sake, please DON’T squat and do have a tipple! It’s been very well earned!fit wine