It wasn’t quite so easy rising at 5.45am today! Not because of laziness or lack of interest, but sheer pain. It’s been an extremely painful 24 hours. Nothing prepared me for what lay ahead when I left that camp on Monday morning. The day passed quite painless, with the exception of a few aches here and there. But as night approached the aches developed into pain. A night of deep sleep mixed with much soreness ensued! Trying to turn in bed was excruciating. It felt like I’d been beaten black and blue. Thankfully my adult students were understanding during class on Tuesday as I looked like I needed a wheelchair. This couldn’t be good for you…or could it?Fit image 1
This morning I was assured that this pain was indeed ‘good pain’ and meant I was doing the exercises properly. Thanks to a short walk yesterday evening and a muscle soak bath the pains were well eased. This morning was a completely different workout. That was after the alleged ‘warm up’, which again is a mixture of heart racing, mind boggling, non stop jumps, runs, kicks and god knows what else ( l seem to lose focus when I start kicking!). But the new set seemed to stretch those muscles from head to toe even more. My tummy will surely be a washboard before I see Bryan Adams in June!!
One thing I am learning very quickly is that there’s absolutely NOTHING flattering or attractive about female exercise. It doesn’t matter what shape or size one is, we are all equal when squatting, stretching, doing press ups and all the other crazy stuff. Fit image 2
Mind you when one young girl got a stone in her eye, it showed the strength of the female race. Not a tear shed, or a moan groaned, just determination to remove the said stone and back to the exercise. No doubt had a man experienced the same, an ambulance and possibly a fire brigade would have had to be called! Girl Power!!!! As for the ‘back of an earring’ found on the ground, one ‘over 50’ chap clearly lost it whilst training on Sunday morning! It’s there for collection when you want it sir!
So the ‘hump’ day is over and it’s one more day on Friday and the first week is behind us! Roll on the weekend and a well earned tipple!