Craicon has been read world wide since it’s origins a number of years ago. The Irish at home are always keeping up to date on local events and festivals with the site. But the Irish abroad have been avid readers of the craic at home. Our stats show just how popular the site is abroad. And now it is set to rise even further.
Eileen Dahill has just started craicon from her hometown of Minesotta! Her mother is from Belfast so she grew up with Irishness all around. She is now embarking on bringing the Irish news from her area to the world. So if you’re interested in the goings on in Minesotta, just keep an eye on craicon. On the website her blog will be under ‘North America’.
If anyone else is interested in doing a write up on the Irish in their city/town/village worldwide, get in touch and an account can be set up for you. Craicon is going global and there’s NO stopping it!