The alarm went off at 5.45am. It was a little louder than normal (I was determined NOT to sleep in). Getting out of bed wasn’t too difficult, but had I known what awaited me, well who knows??? The ladies had all started to gather at the all weather pitch when I arrived and it was great to see a few other 40+ also. There were teenagers right up to 50+. A great age range is definitely in the mix.
As we were about to begin the ‘warm up’ one lady who is embarking on this her second fit camp, told me that the ‘warm up’ is tough. I thought she must surely be mistaken. A ‘warm up’ I understood to be stretching etc. I soon discovered different. Was this experience ever going to end, and could this really only be the ‘warm up’? Apparently so.
Next up was the ‘fitness test’. From burpees, to star jumps, to I can’t even remember the names, it was all go and non-stop. In my head I kept thinking there must be a coffee break soon! It never came!!
Then it was off jogging around the pitch before the next stage. A whole new set of exercises that I would never have thought possible. The poor girl who got to partner me, must have thought she’d taken a wrong turn this morning!! But we got through this stage too. And then it was off to jog around the pitch once more. Finally it was stretching time. Surely this meant the hour was up! Phew, it was.
What did I think of it? Absolutely brilliant. Mia’s FunFitness encouraged and never pushed us. She pushes when she knows it’s possible but the encouragement is never ending. Mind you I’m convinced that when she says ’10 more seconds’ or just ’30 more seconds’ her watch must surely be stopped. Cos I’ve never known ’10’ or ’30’ seconds to take so long.
There’s a few aches in my body as I sit at my desk today, but I’m assured by Mia that this is ‘good’ pain. It better be, cos I’m pretty sure that when I awake tomorrow morning I’m going to be suffering just a tad more, and it might take more convincing that it’s still ‘good’ pain!fit camp 1
Day one of 18 is over and done with. Bring on the next 17 days, and 6 weeks, and hopefully I’ll still be a part of it. Time will tell! But the determination is there and I’ll just have to keep pushing on!