Tonight we would like to say welcome To Eileen Dahill who is going to be the first person from outside Ireland to run a version of CraicOn.com.

Eileen’s mother is from Belfast, originally, before emigrating.

Eileen runs an Irish dance group called St Paul Irish Dancer. She teaches Irish dancing and puts on Irish dancing performances. She put on one just recently at the Minnehaha Academy in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis and St. Paul are two different cities on different sides of the river. Eileen is in close touch with what is going on in the large Irish community there.

Regular Visitor

We already have a regular visitor to Moville from Minneapolis / St Paul called Edmund Tunney.

He was one of the guys who made and launched a curragh in Greencastle.

Eileen will give us regular updates on what is happening in the Irish community there and the craic.

Contact Us

If there are other people out there throughout the world who are in close touch with the Irish community and want to write some articles on the craic and what is happening locally just get in touch and we’ll set up a page for you.

CraicOn was read in over 100 countries last year and 40% of its audience is outside Ireland with the UK, USA, Spain, Australia, Sweden and Indonesia among the places where it is most read.

Let’s hope other people want pages set up, e.g. in the West of Scotland, and we can keep in touch with what is happening in other places to people we may only see once or twice a year when they visit Inishowen.


So, how do I know Eileen?

I used to go out with her when she was a student doing a year in London a good few years ago. We reconnected through LinkedIn a few weeks ago.

She used to work in the Warrington pub in Maida Vale where Bon Scott, the lead singer of AC/DC, spent his last night and was given a bottle of Jack Daniels after-hours by the pub manager. The empty bottle was found in his car the next day when he was found dead outside a friend’s house.

I knew her as Eileen Linderholm. She was half Irish and half Swedish. There is a big Scandinavian community in Minnesota as well as a big Irish one.

Eileen will start posting as soon as I show her how to do it – which will probably be tomorrow as it is pretty easy.

Bob Dylan went to university in Minneapolis and Eileen knows all his old haunts so maybe we can see a few photos and read a few articles about his old places.