An avid Arsenal fan since childhood I was a little chuffed (well a lot chuffed) with the final score in the FA Cup Final 2014 yesterday. The guys took the long way around getting there, but we won in the end. Wenger and the boys ruled the day. So it was great going into the Pig Wee bar last night and seeing all the lads out celebrating. The real FA cup may well be safely at Emirates Stadium, but the Muff crew had their own cup last night and that was just as good. Arsenal fans sang danced and celebrated till the end. The Liverpool and Man U. folks did try and get a word in, but no one was interested! Arsenal 2
Fortunately the entertainment, Eugene Robb, did not proceed with the Liverpool anthem ‘You’ll never walk alone’ or he’d have been run out of Muff! A great nights entertainment was provided by Eugene on this memorable and important occasion. Great to have such good music and craic on a Saturday night in the village.
It may have been nine years since we won some silverware, but we did just that yesterday. We won the silverware. Arsenal are FA champions 2014! Here’s to more silverware coming the Gunners way in 2015!Arsenal 1