Having heard rave reviews about the North West 200 over recent years, a few of us gals decided to check it out for ourselves yesterday. Although none among us have any interest in bike racing, it wasn’t a deterrent! Work was booked off for the day and to Coleraine we did head to begin the day of fun and frolics. Whilst there we managed to do a little shopping and coffee and then meet and mingle with some of the NW 200 racers. First up it was time for a chat with German rider Didler Grams. A handsome chap and a very nice guy with it. Of course the old camera as ever was in tow, and it came in handy!
dsc_7145Next up we managed to grab a few quiet minutes with Belgiums Marc Fissette. One couldn’t but love his charm and wit, and love of the camera. If it wasn’t for rushing off he’d have entertained us all day. Marc, we shall be seeing you again!dsc_7149
And finally we had time to meet and greet Morcambe’s John McGuinness, one of the all time giants of road racing. Again an extremely friendly chap.dsc_7151
Now, we ladies had absolutely no interest in bike racing, but suddenly when provided with the opportunity we did gain just a little interest. This faded when we departed from the lads.
So it was from Coleraine to Portstewart we did head. A stroll around the promenade, the beach and the town, we took in quite a few motorcycles, men in leather, and some unmentionable sites. And it was then that we saw it….Shenanigans with a beer garden, men in leather, and NO seats! So inside we did go, and a few tipples we did order. And out to the sunshine we did head. And then we did find some extremely gentlemanly bikers from Scotland who kindly gave up their seats for the Muff ladies and entertained us for the evening. Sadly this encounter came to an end as we decided to take in a little more of the occasion. The Vintage Cavalcade was getting underway so the camera came out once more. There were hundreds of bikes and riders of all shapes and sizes!! Some more prominent than others!dsc_7198dsc_7177
We then headed to the paddock where we had a few more encounters, but it was back to Shenanigans to say goodbye to the NW 200 and our first encounter of it. Rest assured these gals will be making a return trip to next years NW200 and might just stay a little longer. A sudden interest in bike racing might just be on the cards!!