As regards Councillor Mickey Doherty’s claim to the people of Moville & Greencastle that  ‘ you will now get nothing less than what you absolutely deserve’, Enda Craig has sent us this reply.

According to Enda, the Moville/ Greencastle WWTP is listed only on an extensive ‘proposed’ list of developments as mentioned by Irish Water in their latest publication.

In relation to this proposed Plant:-

1. Irish water has not yet undertaken the lengthy Compulsive Purchase Order process

2. Irish Water has not yet applied for a Discharge Licence to the EPA

3. Irish Water has not yet addressed ownership of the seabed of Lough Foyle (as claimed by the Crown Estates)

4. Irish Water must await the outcome of our appeal to Brussels where our complaint against the findings of An Bord Pleanala and The High Court is being assessed by the European Commission and The Aarhaus Convention.

5. Irish Water has not yet addressed the abandoning of the Donegal Co Cl motion in 1990 to locate the Plant and Pipe north of Greencastle which had been agreed unanimously. This followed the outrageous declaration by the EPD/DOE of Lough Foyle being classified as Atlantic Ocean.

Enda Craig spokesperson CFCE